A care economy demanding change.

Cooperative home care is delivering change in the face of a broken care economy by elevating caregivers and empowering quality care.

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Lack of Investment 
in Care

Low wages and poor conditions for caregivers work against the quality of care and create long wait lists.


Caregivers Ignored

Even though they work on the front lines, the insights and concerns of caregivers are ignored. 


Profit at the Expense of Workers

The business of care prioritizes profit over investing in caregivers, with extractive practices and poor job quality. 


Bottom Line Pressures

Microscopic, public reimbursement rates shrink the margin for job quality investments and crowd out quality care.

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Solutions would address long-term systemic problems and impact the day to day realities of giving and receiving care.

You need...

forward-looking opportunities to create change across the care industry.

  • Scalable approaches that elevate the industry.

  • Opportunities to create change that reach beyond short-term or stopgap solutions.

  • Investments that combine the wisdom of frontline caregivers with industry-leading innovation and expertise.

Three Pathways to the Status Quo


Investments in Policy Alone

While policy change is critical, it takes shape slowly with uncertain impacts and offers no benefit for the millions of caregivers struggling today.


Support for Legacy Programs

Legacy programs can only bring limited improvement beyond their previous impacts with an ever-decreasing potential for transformation.


Top Down Investing

Too many home care interventions fail to reach the individuals they are intended to help, and instead perpetuate inequity.

Transformation starts by engaging the right stakeholders.

Discover the scalable, high-impact model of home care through caregiver-owned cooperatives.

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Powering caregivers with the tools to thrive.

Providing women, minority, and immigrant caregiver owners access to scalable operating systems, coaching, and support designed to build success.

Tailored Support

Support designed for caregiver-owned home care companies.

Economies of Scale

Support sustainable businesses and elevated care through resource pooling and shared purchasing.

Enterprise Approaches

Give home care cooperatives the resources, systems, and training needed to compete and improve worker outcomes and care.

Elevate Leaders

Maintain core values powered by organic leadership and skills.

From Our Donors

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For the last 8 years, CDF and its partners have developed sustainable home care cooperatives through quality technical assistance, rigorous research, and data-driven analysis. While we have provided the framework for the development and sharing of resources, it is really the co-op members that implement the work – responding to customer and business realities, creating policies that center workers, and advocating for the needs of caregivers and the people they serve. We look forward to the day where worker ownership transforms the home care field for all workers, and we believe that Elevate Cooperative can be the vehicle for transformative change.

Kirstie Boyette
Associate Director, Cooperative Development Foundation

Fueling Caregiver-Owned Home Care

How we're unlocking a new future for home care.


Home Care Co-op Specific Support + Training

Full range of consultative, training, operational systems, and support for start-up to scale-up home care cooperatives.


Integrated Enterprise-Level Operations

Tools and systems that allow home care cooperatives to operate with the same business efficiencies as large home care enterprises.


Experienced Leadership with Expert Support

Guidance provided by experienced leaders and expert home care business developers.


Multilingual, Multicultural Support

Access to multi-lingual, multi-cultural systems and support for a broad range of cultures and language speakers. 

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