Leading the way isn't easy.

Creating quality home care jobs when the system is stacked against you can feel impossible.

caregiver who feels alone in her work
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The Pressure of Slim Margins

It's hard to fully live out your values with limited staff, time, and funds.

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Critical Resources Don't Sync

The multiple tools and systems that you need to operate effectively are expensive and don't connect to each other.

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Where Are the Rewards?

You know that the cooperative approach delivers the best quality care, and yet the rewards for your extra effort feel out of reach. 

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Feeling Isolated

Many cooperative leaders feel isolated and find it difficult to find support that understands the cooperative model.

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As a home care cooperative, you'd have access to systems and support tailored to your unique cooperative needs that would help your cooperative stand out from the crowd and enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

Your co-op needs access...

Access to the same kind of operating systems that the big home care players use, plus support that helps you live out your cooperative values.

  • Stress would go down, and skills would grow for your entire team.

  • You'd be able to compete for market share and grow in profitability.

  • Cost-effective systems and tools would save time and allow for focus on your co-op's mission.

  • You'd see increased profits, deeper caregiver investments, and better quality of care.

The Three Longest Roads to Success

Constantly pulling together a patchwork of resources requires an endless, labor-intensive, and costly effort.


Figure It Out Yourself

Your team wants to take positive steps forward with the resources you have, so you are moving ahead. You're doing what you can, but too often choices have to be made that don't achieve what you know the co-op needs at a price you can afford.


Generic Consulting

Business consulting offers help to identify the paths that others have taken. While they might make business sense, they fall short when it comes to growing a home care business owned by caregivers.


General Business Resources

There are lots of business vendors offering everything from software and business systems to insurance and marketing. While they promise greater efficiency, they're all disconnected and multiply the burden of training and upkeep, without really boosting your growth.

Support and resources tailored for home care cooperatives.

Proven paths that bring life to cooperative values.


Stress-relieving systems and support tailored for caregiver-owned home care and designed for sustainability and growth.

Support Tailored for Home Care Co-ops

Stop hunting for all the pieces, and step into systems and support that fit.

Pooled Resources + Training

Access the elevated resources and training that are made possible when home care co-ops work together.

Financing that Fuels Growth

Unlock home care cooperative financing options that are advantageous and designed to help you reach sustainable growth.

Elevate the Journey

Accelerate your growth and sustainability with shared resources and effective learning.

Marketing to Help You Compete

Step beyond being a best-kept-secret with enterprise-level marketing resources that lift your visibility and help you build a team and win clients.

What Co-ops are Saying

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Elevate Cooperative is really going to be transformational, and that’s what excites me: strengthening existing co-ops, growing the number and size of co-ops, and pushing for large-scale industry change. That is what needs to happen for us to really realize a future where home care co-ops are the answer to what is broken in this system.

Adria Powell
President + CEO, Cooperative Home Care Associates
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The idea of Elevate and the work ICA is doing to bring us together to determine what the needs are, really makes me super excited.

Tatia Cooper
President + CEO, Home Care Associates
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Websites cost a lot of money, and we’re getting bang for our buck [with Elevate Digital] every step of the way. It’s a really dynamic team.

Mariana Ortega
Chief Information Officer, Cooperative Home Care Associates

Next-level collaboration accelerates the cooperative vision.

Combining resources and power helps everyone go faster and go farther.

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Support Designed Exclusively
for Home Care Co-ops

Stop spending the time and effort to cobble together the help you need. Instead, get support that is tailored specifically to the needs of your co-op.

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Enterprise-level Systems + Services

Get access to systems, services, financing, and discounts that will elevate your operations, build sustainability and help you compete in the market.

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Shared Ownership + Leadership
of Member Network

Help chart the path forward as you prioritize and validate new resources and opportunities when your coop becomes an Elevate member-owner.

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One-of-a-kind Solution

Get access to the only integrated system for home care cooperative marketing, care coordination, analytics, and financial management with professional support rooted in your shared values.

Move from frustrated to empowered by sharing resources and encouragement.

Learn about the benefits of Elevate systems and support and take new steps toward your cooperative vision.

Explore the shared resources that Elevate makes possible.
Get free coaching to identify your next best steps toward growth and sustainability.
Access powerful tools, solutions, and support as you become a member.

Access one-of-a-kind resources and support.